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At Duncan Sales LLC, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get the information you’re looking for. Contact us with any other thoughts or questions.

What is the space needed for delivery?

Space is very important when delivering your container.

For a 20' Container we need no less than 65 foot straight to pull out from under the unit.

For a 40' unit we need no less than 120 foot straight to pull out from under the unit. 

Its also important to make sure that we have enough room to maneuver our truck and trailer to get to your desired spot.

What is the weight of the unit?

Empty containers will vary in weight depending on the year and manufacture. But most empty weight as follows:
20 foot 5,050 lbs
40 foot standard 8,000 lbs
40 foot high cube 8,775 lbs

Are units rodent proof?

Yes, Shipping containers are rodent proof as long as the doors are always kept closed.

Whats the condition of a used unit?

Used shipping containers have been used many times. You can expect dings, dents, surface rust, but no holes or leaking.
These units may have repaired areas. Such as patching in the walls or ceilings. 
These units will be wind and water tight.

Whats the condition of a One Trip unit?

A One Trip unit is as new as you can get in the shipping container world. These units have usually only been across the ocean one time. Denting and scratching is very minimal.
You can usually get One Trip units in Beige or Grey. 
One Trip units usually have very minimal stickers on the sides.

Can I pick the color of my unit?

If the container is being direct delivered to you from a depot nearest you we have no control over color. When we pick up at a depot the units are first off the stack.
If you are buying from our lot in Missouri you are welcome to pick which unit you like out of our supply.

Do Containers Condensate?

Yes, Shipping containers do condensate.
There are some variables on if they will condensate or how bad they will condensate. Depending on the humidity of your area will play a factor on this as well. We recommend putting your unit in a shaded area. You can also place condensation bags or buckets to help draw the condensation away from your belongings. You can also add extra venting to help with condensation. We always recommend covering your valuables or putting stuff in tubs.

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